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Managing organizational culture Free Essays

Presentation Culture doesn’t have a particular implications or definition it has a wide range of definition. As (Borosky, 1994, Ortner, 1984) portray that even in Anthropology culture has not generally endorsed or inflexible definition. Culture can be characterized as a lot of qualities and considerations which are being trailed by the gathering of individuals which came about to the exercises and practices of the individuals living in explicit society. We will compose a custom article test on Overseeing authoritative culture or then again any comparable theme just for you Request Now In spite of the fact that it is has been portrayed as structure to comprehend base societies.(Katter and Heskett, 1992).As social orders have set of standard qualities and convictions, each association and each business has culture fit as a fiddle of qualities, rules and system to follow which make the Organization one of a kind among different Organizations. In numerous associations culture is by all accounts critical and significant and it get an impressive fixation. Culture is as perplexing and significant as it is difficult to utilize and perceive in mindful manner. As indicated by (Alvesson and Karreman, 2001; McDermott, 1999) Culture is significant for the associations and organizations how they work from everyday initiative, key change, what direction the information is being shared, kept up and made just as the relations and dealings of the representatives and administrators with the clients. Culture is extremely huge for the achievement, development and authoritative viabili ty. Association has the endurance in light of sharing its arrangement of implications at various levels (Smircich, 1985). As various nations have diverse culture, associations don’t have a similar culture also they all have various qualities and rituals and customs legends and fantasies than one another. It is anything but difficult to perceive the way of life of any associations like McDonalds all the outlets of McDonald’s looks same they all wear same uniform regardless of which zone of the world they are working in everything will be at same standard all over the place and anyplace in the world.In a few organizations is it is anything but difficult to perceive culture from their framework, clothing standard language and client administrations and in certain associations it is difficult to see however it doesn't mean there is no culture in that association in actuality culture exist there yet difficult to pass judgment or see since it is been divided at times. Any as sociations which have solid hierarchical culture have achievement in the business. Associations with solid culture have high level of impact on the conduct of the workers and the estimations of the associations broadly share as well as held with high force. Then again organization which have powerless culture employee’s conduct may not be predictable. Writing audit Organizational Culture The writing on hierarchical culture is as noteworthy to the administration of the private part with respect to the open science the board. Associations are surveying fundamentally how they can accomplish and portray their targets and objectives. Subsequent to characterizing the objectives of the association it is essential to focus on the kind of culture that is expected to accomplish these objectives and objectives and making that definite that fundamental change has been executed. Edward B.Tylor utilized the term ‘’culture’’ in 1875 in English writing. After that the early improvement of the idea of the hierarchical Culture has been characterized by numerous creators in various manners (Kilman et al, 1985) portray culture ‘‘something to do with the individuals and interesting quality and style of organization’’ (Deal and Kennedy, 1982) has clarified culture’’ the manner in which we do things here’’ or the ‘’ costly non sound characteristics of an organization’’. Pettigrew (1979) began to discuss hierarchical culture’s idea. Anthropological impression of the way of life was right off the bat utilized by him and he showed how custom, fantasies and imagery can be interrelated in the investigation of associations. Dandridge et al (1980) depicted that to uncover the profound structure of an authoritative culture how noteworthy and supportive is to learn about these images and fantasies. When in mid 1980s the idea of hierarchical culture was one of the most loved and developing subjects to talk and expound on hence numerous researchers characterized and give their imminent about authoritative culture in various manners. (Van Maanen, 1979) characterized hierarchical culture as conduct leads in human cooperation which can be watched. (Arrangement and Kennedy, 1982) contends about authoritative culture the qualities which are winning in an association. (Tcihy,1982) contrast authoritative culture and a paste he says hierarchical culture hold the association similarly the manner in which paste hold the various articles together and don’t let them separated. As indicated by Forehand and Von Gilmer (1964) culture is an assortment of characteristics of any association that separate and depict it from different associations. (Titiev, 1959) recommends that culture can be shared and learnt. Hierarchical culture can be represented through practices, ideas, exercises and i nvestigation of partners of the association (Hellett, 2003). Hierarchical culture likewise has been characterized by the (Van Maanen, 1979) as a those principles of conduct which can be obvious in human relations. (Robbins, 1998) states authoritative culture as an observation inside the association which is reliable. A significant number of different creators depict that authoritative culture is set of standards, common morals and theory (Barney, 1986). As recommended by (Yanagi, 1994, p ii) hierarchical culture ‘’Philosophies and qualities shared by the individuals from association and their standards of conduct for making an interpretation of them in to action’’ Schein (1989, 1992) has probably the best meaning of the authoritative culture. Schein (1989) portray hierarchical culture ‘’ an example of essential suspicions created, found, or created by a given gathering as it figures out how to adapt to its issues of outer adjustment and inner coordination that has worked enough to be viewed as substantial and in this way, to be instructed to new individuals just as the right method to see, think and feel in relations to those issues ‘’ (Schein, 1989, p. 9). End As (Graves, 1986, p, 11) states about hierarchical culture as an alternate approaches to consistent the exhibition of the representatives. Hierarchical culture acts like a holding specialist which keep the association together(Kramer , 19974 and Foy , 1974) Instructions to refer to Managing hierarchical culture, Essay models

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Effects Of The Internet On Travel Agencies Tourism Essay

Impacts Of The Internet On Travel Agencies Tourism Essay The web has given chances to explorers to book their movement legitimately online in this way dodging the customary travel channels for example travel organizations. These days even aircrafts have begun urging explorers to book tickets straightforwardly on their sites accordingly abstaining from paying 10% commission to the trip specialists. Along these lines it has made it a critical requirement for customary trip specialists to discover new techniques and systems to remain in business (Yamanouchi, 2004). While filling in as a middle person channel among voyagers and travel specialist organizations, what the web has done is to kill the importance of the conventional mediator (trip specialists) or at any rate make that customary job totally different in todays practice (Taylor, 2003). Today, would-be voyagers can orchestrate their own movement by booking directly from the suppliers themselves by means of the web (Law, Leung Wong, 2004). Online travel sites pretty much dispenses with the requirement for customary agents, who as Law, Leung Wong (2004) notes; are questionably nearly eradication. Web intercession may at last lead to disintermediation of movement organizations since the movement administration and item suppliers can sell their administrations and items legitimately to the movement demographic. However, the web and its movement sites doesn't predict just fate for the trip specialists. Trip specialists despite everything have the upside of offering customized types of assistance particularly in offering counsel to voyagers with an individual touch. This capacity to make administrations individual will ensure that the job of trip specialists stays secure. (Law, Leung, Wong, 2004). The web has become a circulation direct in the movement business with the end goal that the job of customary mediators like trip specialists has additionally changed. However instead of be patients of the web, trip specialists have held onto the chance to utilize the web in their every day tasks. Trip specialists are utilizing the web to showcase themselves and to publicize their administrations. They are likewise offering a portion of their administrations on the web (Vrana, Zafiropoulos, 2004). The trip specialists themselves have thought that it was anything but difficult to make game plans and appointments over the web for their customers consequently decreasing their operational expenses. The web appropriation among trip specialists has made their administrations increasingly effective and opportune and increasing a solid methods for correspondence with their contacts and customers (Vrana, Zafiropoulos, 2004). Writing Review How Travel Agencies Take Advantages of the Internet and Avoid Its Negative Effects on Their Business Trip specialists are these days utilizing the procedure of If you cannot beat them, go along with them. They have begun utilizing the web furthering their own potential benefit by utilizing the web to showcase their own administrations on the web and by reaching voyagers by means of their own sites. They additionally offer types of assistance that movement destinations can't offer like customized types of assistance and complex travel courses of action and iteneries (Vrana, Zafiropoulos, 2004). Travel organizations likewise these days center more around building enduring connections as opposed to attempting to augment their benefits. They do this by offering quality customized types of assistance. This is a procedure embraced by most travel offices in Japan (Zhang, 2004). By so doing, travel organizations are today misusing the web openings, for example, ethicalness networks, to assemble what travel sites can't, customized associations with customers (Maurer, 2002). Along these lines, they can misuse the advantages that accompany the web, and abstain from losing their job in intervening travel, by making their administrations particularly customized. Trip specialists structure systems, make recently marked travel administrations, abuse the web to advertise themselves, get authority bundles and items disclosed by online organizations and look to furnish purchasers with serious arrangements in the event that they need to endure (Downes, Legg, 2006). Why People Book Over the Internet Clients principally book over the web since it is advantageous, cost sparing, and creative. It is increasingly open and more affordable. Voyagers additionally can look at the different rates offered by various specialist organizations and consequently settle on a considerably more educated decision. Online specialist organizations offer increasingly serious rates and better limits because of the low operational expenses. Clients can likewise get to broad measure of data on the web. It is additionally valuable for working experts who don't have the opportunity to proceed to meet trip specialists to make their movement arrangements when they can simply do their booking when they are grinding away or at home (Heung, 2003). Clients additionally have the chances of getting familiar with the spots they are visiting from the web and along these lines ready to book lodgings on the web. The main concern that one can make all plans required before going without including any mediator as long as the person in question approaches web. The appearance of web has additionally been combined with individuals obtaining PCs and internet services in this manner carrying the innovation closer to the individuals (Lewis, Ira, Semeijn, Janjaap, Talalayevsky, Alexander, 1998). Why People Book with Travel Agents The fundamental reasons why clients book through trip specialists are the security concerns (Mastercard tricks), relational correspondence for example up close and personal exchanges, human contact in exchanges, and capacity to make uniquely designed travel bundles rather than by movement sites (Vrana, Zafiropoulos, 2004). Trip specialists can make all courses of action for their customers not at all like in movement sites for instance lodging appointments, touring appointments, air terminal drop and pickup, and flight tickets, something they probably won't have the option to or might come up short on an opportunity to do (Buhalis, Licata, 2002). Most customers who go to trip specialists are additionally the individuals who need to fabricate associations with their movement facilitators and the individuals who need the assurance of human component in exchanges (Cheyne, Downes, Legg, 2006). There are a few conditions where by clients are left without any decisions other than utilizing the specialists. This happens for the most part in circumstances whereby one needs to go through various goals. It is difficult to do a few online appointments when one is going as it implies managing various elements. At the point when one needs to go through various goals, it is simpler to utilize the universal operators who have workplaces in better places the world over. By doing this one can manage one organization since he simply need to express their requests to the specialist and every one of his needs will be dealt with. (The Travel Insider, 2010). Rehash Clients in Online Booking Clients will go to a similar site and online gateways or legitimately to specific specialist organizations utilizing the web if such suppliers have made brand name of items, manufactured worldwide showcasing, have lower cost because of limits, encourages work sparing methods and in the event that they have normalized procedures, items and administration conveyance (Vrana, Zafiropoulos, 2004). Improved help conveyance and serious site highlights are the primary continuous inclinations for online specialist organizations in Hong Kong (Chu, 2001). Another motivation behind why clients more than once utilize one online specialist co-op is that they were at first happy with the administration that was given and would prefer not to explore another overhauled supplier (Cheyne, Downes, Legg, 2006). Rehash Clients for a Travel Agent Clients mostly over and over book by means of trip specialists because of the relationship that they have worked with that trip specialist (Vrana, Zafiropoulos, 2004). Subsequently trip specialists in Japan are utilizing this procedure of building enduring associations with clients to improve business as opposed to simply concentrating on amplifying benefits by attempting to pull in more clients (Zhang, 2003). On the off chance that a client is happy with an itinerary item that a specific trip specialist has made for them they incline toward utilizing a similar trip specialist to make all their future itinerary items. In this manner offering great quality assistance likewise produces rehash customer base for trip specialists (Wyne et al., 2001). Socioeconomics Characteristics that Predetermine Online Booking and that of Travel Agency Booking The decision of web and trip specialist booking is affected by sex, age, training, salary, and word related attributes of clients (Furr, Bon, 1998). Studies show that web appointments are for the most part made by females matured somewhere in the range of 21 and 30, taught and procuring high earnings and working in instruction related callings who incline toward business lodgings during movement and who transcendently like to go via air (Heung, 2003). Then again the socioeconomics of non-web trip specialist clients is chiefly hitched men going with families on a long excursion from medium procuring sections matured between 36 to 45 years. This is principally in light of the fact that when going with families trip specialists can give considerably more broad data on the sorts of lodgings and which kinds of inns offer specific sorts of administrations and furthermore they give data on the various sorts of touring choices and which one would suit the familys prerequisites best (Heung, 2003). Impacts of Airlines on Internet Bookings The business of movement organization includes correspondence and preparing data of its customers. At first, the organizations approached subtleties of flights so the clients had no other option. The reality the carriers can do their publicizing on the web and legitimately to the clients and the clients can apply for their movement tickets online has influenced the movement offices a great deal. It is additionally of fundamental significance to take note of that aircrafts have understood this pattern and have in this way decreased charges, as they no longer compensation the commissions they used to pay the specialists (Bennett, Marion, Lai, Chi-Wen, Kevin, 2005). The clients needs have likewise changed essentially in their requests because of the improvement in IT since one can gain proficiency with all the exot

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Book Riots Deals of the Day for March 8th, 2019

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Welding - Plumbing - Learn a Trade, Find a Job

It’s probably fair to say that nobody wants to experience the Great Depression again. Ever. The unemployment rate hit 20.1 percent in 1935. Our senior generations remember those days well. It seems you don’t easily forget being hungry. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that in January, 2009, the unemployment rate in the U.S. was 7.6 percent. People are responding by taking action, some of them by going back to school to learn a trade or finish a degree. Welding or CNA Anyone? â€Å"Interest in our Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) classes is way up,† said John Kenney, Director of Continuing Education at Arkansas State University – Mountain Home (ASUMH). â€Å"Our welding technology program has seen the largest jump.† Kenney increased his welding faculty this semester to provide more classes. ASUMH now offers evening classes Monday through Friday and day classes Friday and Saturday, and most are filled to capacity. â€Å"Im seeing a definite shift this semester,† Kenney said, â€Å"from retirees who just want to learn to weld to a younger group of students who are in their late 20’s, early 30’s who are looking for a change in careers or who want to start a new career. As you would expect, some have been laid off from their jobs or are underemployed. They seem to be a motivated group who are eager to learn.† Kenney reported that many are choosing to document their skills through national certification testing such as that provided by the American Welding Society. Add a Degree to Your Trade Knowledge At the University of Minnesota, Bob Stine, the Associate Dean of the College of Continuing Education, Degree and Credit Programs, sees increased interest in the B.A. degree they offer in Construction Management. It’s designed for people who already have a two-year Associate’s degree and want to advance their careers. Students come in as juniors. â€Å"There’s a heavy dose of applied business courses,† Stine said, â€Å"so students learn the business side of the background they already have in a certain trade.† The U of M also offers a new online degree completion program for students who have at least two years of college and want to finish their degree. The innovative program starts with one face-to-face introductory class and is completed online. â€Å"The first class is about self-reflection,† Stine said, â€Å"in which students ask themselves why they’re going back to school, why it’s rational, and what their desired course list looks like. They say at the end, ‘Now I understand what I’m doing and why,’ and off they go.† How About an Environmental Occupation? The Water Quality courses at the Training, Research Education for Environmental Occupations Center (TREEO) at the University of Florida are popular and appreciated. This is what one student had to say, â€Å"My confidence level shot up, and the most valuable portions of the course to me were the math, trouble-shooting, and treatment processes.† Even the smallest towns need water-treatment personnel. It’s one of those jobs we tend to take for granted. UF also provides courses in everything from health professions and insurance to law and real estate. Dr. Eileen I. Oliver, is Interim Dean and Professor of the Division of Continuing Education there. Overall, Enrollment is Up â€Å"Overall, enrollment is up this semester at ASUMH for all classes and I believe at most 2-year colleges,† Kenney said. â€Å"Money is tight and community colleges offer good value for dollars spent.† ASUMH is beginning new CNA classes each month and they’re usually at maximum enrollment. Kenney is seeing several students who have been working in housekeeping or who have been employed as aids who want to increase their skill-level for higher-paying jobs as Certified Nursing Assistants. Charles Russell, a learner representative who answers an information line at the U of M, shared his take on the changes he sees in callers to the university. â€Å"My instincts tell me we are getting fewer passive inquiries and more decisive action from learners,† Russell wrote. â€Å" ‘I am thinking about’ is being replaced with, ‘I need to.’ To me, this subtle shift is the result of the economy forcing the decision as people react to their personal anxieties over the current economic uncertainties. Being proactive gives a person the feeling of control over their situation.† The U of M is also seeing a definite â€Å"increase in the number of people seeking individual appointments with our career and lifework counselor,† according to Rachel Wright, Marketing Communications Associate. All of this is good news for non-traditional students considering going back to school to either protect a job they love or to find a more secure position. Take the advice of these professionals. Check out what your local community colleges and universities have to offer you. Ask how they make it easy for you to take classes while you’re working and raising a family. Make an appointment with a counselor. Take action. You don’t ever have to go hungry.

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Prejudice And The Dark Abyss Of Prejudice By Harper Lee

â€Å"Prejudices are the chains forged by ignorance to keep men apart.†(Marguerite Gardiner Blessington). Over the years, countless people have fallen in to the dark abyss of prejudice because they merely following the trend of society. Prejudice is exactly what it sounds like; its root words are firmly planted. Prejudice may be defined as the act of pre judging someone because of their race, religion, sex, ethnic background, or can be based solely on how they look. Prejudice is a flaw in society many have dealt with for centuries, but one race has suffered in the United States of America where â€Å"all men are equal†, more than any other race in history. If all men are created equal, how could we treat people of a different color so unjustly? It is a travesty that cannot be forgotten and that can not, must not, and shall not be repeated. In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee states the truth behind a world with closed minds. She put the world into pe rspective through her commentary that is still relevant today. Through her writing, we see the compassion, sympathy, and tolerance, or the lack thereof, from all perspectives: a father, a racist man, a confused woman, children, negroes, and a dear lawyer named Atticus Finch. In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, there were many instances where essential people show compassion. Showing compassion for people of different races was hard to find because society functioned with racism all around it. Atticus Finch, a manShow MoreRelatedOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagessense much of our everyday social lives and our work activities are in essence theory-dependent activities. Now this clearly illustrates the conjectural and practical aspects of theory, since people act in accordance with their expectations, or prejudices, as to what will happen in particular circumstances – conjectures often derived from impressions regarding what has previously happened in similar circumstances. Thus, even the most mundane activity, such as walking down a street, might be considered

My area †Earls Court a very weird and different area Free Essays

string(73) " house into my garden and I still don’t know how she got up there\." Earls Court a very weird and different area. But that is not the opinion of the people living there that’s just my opinion. Earls Court is a different area; I like to think of it as a little town not just some area in the heart of Kensington. We will write a custom essay sample on My area – Earls Court a very weird and different area or any similar topic only for you Order Now The streets are always covered in old crisp packets and used condoms and there always seems to be puddles of water or some liquid that never seem to dry up. Behind my house is a private garden which, on a cold winter’s morning is as misty as the peak of Mount Everest and the Scottish Highlands put together. This garden is run by a Garden Committee which is headed up by a woman who changes her hair colour every single week, for example last week the woman’s hair was black and this week it is about as red as Manchester United’s football shirt. In this garden there is a tennis court which is set up during the summer and the rest of the year the poles on which the nets hang are used by myself and about ten other mates as football posts. However the woman with the ever changing hair colour always seems to see us and come out and confiscate the ball even though her house is about from the school to Shepherds Bush tube station. The rules for this garden are extremely, I can’t think of the word, hang on, ah yes, STUPID. You are not allowed to play football, play music, play and instrument, ride your bikes or any type of game that can damage the plants. It might as well be an outdoor prison. About 2 minutes walk from my house is a giant Tesco superstore; it claims to sell everything but the trouble is you can never find everything because they keep changing where everything is so I’ll probably never know if they do sell everything. I remember about a month ago now, me and my mate Gav were in Tesco’s and I had to use the toilet so I told him to wait downstairs. As I came back down the stairs my hat fell off down to the ground floor below; I ran down the stairs only to find my hat had disappeared and Gav standing where it had landed with an evil little grin on his face. Then a Jamaican security guard came up to us and said, † What are you doing†, and I because I didn’t want to get in trouble said in a very angry and serious voice, † Gav man, where the hell did you put my hat? , the security guard told Gav to get my hat from where he had hidden it; amongst the boxes of wine. He gave it to me and we were just about to get away without getting into too much trouble when Gav, being the stupid idiot that he is, made the mistake of bursting into a fit of laughter when the guard had just turned away; not when he was out of earshot but when he had just turned his back so the guard heard, turned around, called his colleague and literally and I emphasise the literally, threw us out of the store onto the pavement; where Gav and I proceeded to laugh our heads off. But perhaps the most prominent building in my area is the office complex; just around the corner from my house; down a side road; which runs past a Gospel church. In this complex there is about 6 or 7 cameras 2 of which overlook the gate going in. On a dark and quiet Saturday night if there is nothing else to do; what me and my mates like doing is trying to get into the complex without being spotted by the 20 or so security guards just inside the main entrance. One time I dared a boy called Adam to run in and touch the sign that is about 10 metres in front of the front door. There were about five of us including Adam; he ran past the gate, past the cameras, touched the sign, and ran back. By this time all of the guards were up out of their seats and sprinting out of the door; I was the last one to notice; Adam sprints by me screaming like a little girl and everyone is running, I hadn’t noticed what was happening and when I turned around from my hiding place about 15 metres from the gate; about four of the guards were coming through the gate, I stood up and started sprinting like a cheetah chasing a zebra. When I came to the fork I went right whilst everyone else had gone left down to Adam’s house, I heard one of guards say, â€Å"You lot go left while we go right, we’re going to get these kids†, I though, Christ their going to catch me; I wouldn’t have been so worried if they weren’t carrying holsters around which could have contained a gun. I ran between and over the parked cars and over a wall about a metre or two high and hid. I waited until they had given up and then I emerged from the shadow of the crucifix, triumphant in the fact that I had given trained security guards the slip. As I mentioned before I there is Gospel church near my house which has a bright green spire and on a Sunday morning and Wednesday evening it is absolutely bursting with music and singing. But the bad thing about this is that all of the cars of the church goers block up the parking lot; the only place that we are allowed to play football. But there are other more interesting things about my area like the fact that a woman fell of the roof of my house into my garden and I still don’t know how she got up there. You read "My area – Earls Court a very weird and different area" in category "Papers" Also about three weeks ago a complete nutter of a man was on the roof of an estate brandishing and firing a rifle. All of the surrounding roads were closed off and armed police and for some reason there was riot police there as well. Nobody was hurt except the guy firing the gun who shot himself in the leg before being arrested. Once I was riding my bike to my mate’s house and a tiny, little homosexual man stood in the way on purpose even though he had about a 10 second delay before I was near enough to hurt him; he stepped out and then said in a squeaky little voice â€Å"Watch where your going you stupid little s**t†, I yelled back at him some obscenities that I cannot mention here. Around my area there is a lot of refugees who go around asking people for money. Once I was walking to school when about five of them came up to me and asked me to give them i10; I just looked at them and said, â€Å"You got to be joking†, the leader looked at me really seriously and said, â€Å"I am being seriously perfect†, and that just made me laugh. I think he meant to say, â€Å"I am being perfectly serious†, but got confused. The leader then grabbed me and said, â€Å"give me i10 now†, he was only about as tall as me so I kneed him in his groin and the rest just backed off because a security guard had come out to see what was going on. The guard ‘escorted’ the leader off the premises and by that I mean threw onto one of the islands in the middle of the road. There is a tall, red brick building just around the corner from my house which used to be where the local police force lived for free until it was turned into a council flat. There is a woman called Louise who is about 40 years old and has a problem with kids. She is as thin as rake and is about medium height. Her nose is crooked and she has a terribly squeaky voice like a rusty bike chain. She has a balcony coming out of the back of her house which she likes to use for taking pictures of people passing especially kids. When we make noise she comes out and starts going on about how we are making too much noise, and then we confront her about taking pictures of us she just goes quiet and slithers off quietly like the snake that she is. Just last Sunday she came out and starting having a go at us; but when we started confronting her about taking pictures of us she said she’d even take videos of us; we just said but that’s illegal, she said so is noise disturbance; then I said â€Å"but which one do you think is more serious†, at which she just walked off and I called after her â€Å"I thought so! â€Å". She wears quite trampy clothes and she probably only has one piece of clean clothing in her whole life. Around my area there are a lot of kids who wander around looking for kids to mug, but I know them so they don’t try to mug me. However when I was in first year there was some kids that I didn’t know trying to mug people, and once I was on my way home from school and I must have looked like a right idiot with my catholic schoolboy uniform all neat and tidy. They were walking on the other side of the road and I saw them look at me then cross the road towards me; so I crossed the road to where they had been. They were then behind me and had turned around and started walking quite quickly towards me; now you have go to remember that I was a little first year so I couldn’t fight off two 16+year olds, so I started jogging, they started jogging, I picked up the pace, so did they, I was coming up to Tesco’s now so I sprinted through the back way through the car park into the store up to the first floor and out through the first floor exit. As I went down the stairs I could see them through the 12ft high windows searching for me jogging through the aisles so I started jogging across the large 6 lane road to my house. As I rounded the corner I saw them come out the main entrance, point towards me and start sprinting, so I just sprinted to my house and got through the front door in record time. I opened two doors in about 6 seconds. As I said earlier I consider Earls Court like a little town; a little town with its own high street with every shop its own cinema and even its own arena and park. But with little towns there comes problems. On Thursday mornings there are piles of black bin bags waiting for the bin men to come and take them away; it smells about as bad as rotten fish and eggs put together. You trip over the bags that are strewn all over the pavement. As I go down to school I go past a bright, mustard yellow estate which all the dump trucks come out of and so that stinks even more and there are kids on the estate that spit down on people going past. All in all I think my area has some good points like the fact that most of my friends live there but there are some bad points like all the crime and rubbish on the streets. But it is my area, I’ve lived there all my life and I love it. How to cite My area – Earls Court a very weird and different area, Papers

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Prophet Essays - Christian Eschatology, Purgatory, Prophecy

Prophet The Prophet Period 4 Patrick Coleman In the prophet it does not tell you how to live, but it tells you how life works. I do not agree with everything that is said, but as a whole I like the message the book sends. I have taken my five favorite chapters, and broken them down for this report. Eating and Drinking- I think he is saying that we do not have to become vegetarians, but we must never take more than we need. I think this applies well to average killing of meat, but when he says we should be sorrowful and apologize to an apple that we bite is where I do not agree. Giving- This is one of the few chapters I totally agreed with. My favorite quote came from this chapter, ?You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give?. And then they speak of how the average man does not know how the poor person feels until they have been poor themselves. Crime and Punishment- He takes an interesting stance on punishment by suggesting a sort of purgatory. He says that, ?And for that wrong committed must you knock and wait a while unheeded at the gate of the blessed?. He also says the form of a punishment is living with the crime you did. That you will feel sorrow for what you have done. Death- He says that death is the same as life. They are one, ?like the river and sea are one.? This is the last chapter, because I think it is the hardest for us to understand. And I do not think that we can ever understand death, as we are living. Though, we should not be afraid of it.